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        You can have a brilliant product with a great marketing team and excellent on/off page search engine optimization, but if your website is not good enough, you’ll not be able to convert visitors into customers. A responsive and attractive web design is one of the crucial factors for the success of any business. That’s why many small businesses in Georgia desire to have the Best Website Design Atlanta.

        According to research, people merely spend 8 seconds on a website to make an opinion and move to another website. So, you have only a few seconds to convince the visitors to stay on your site. There are many factors involved in designing a website that can convert visitors into customers. Here, we will talk about some important website design tips that will help you boost your conversion rates.

        1. Create a Responsive Web Design

        Many companies realized the importance of responsive web design when they get to know that more than 60% of website traffic comes from mobile devices. So, if your website is not responsive on every device, then you can lose a massive amount of audience. A responsive website design provides a fulfilling experience to the users, as the layout adjusts itself according to the screen. So, when you hire a Website Design Company in Atlanta, make sure you ask them to create a responsive web design.

        2. Use Unique Graphics on Your Website

        Using unique graphics on your website attracts visitor’s attention as they convey a message. You can use facial images on your site to create an emotional connection between your brand and user. Many digital agencies all over the world use this technique to engage visitors with their website. But, you have to make sure the images or graphics you use represents your brand. However, if you’re unable to create unique graphics for your website, then you can hire a Graphic Design Company in Atlanta that can provide amazing graphics keeping your targeted audience in mind.

        3. Optimize Website Speed

        Page speed plays a vital role in keeping the visitors on your website for longer. If a user is visiting your website and the web page doesn’t load within 4 seconds, the visitor will leave your site and move to another one. So, when it comes to website speed, every second is important. Now, you know the importance of optimizing your website speed. To achieve this, you can build a highly responsive web design or use fewer but larger images.

        4. Simplify Site Navigation

        Having a simple navigation system on your website helps visitors look for what they want.  A high converting website navigation always directs its visitors to take an action. If visitors don’t find what they are looking for specifically, chances are they will move to another site. Simplifying the site navigation will not only keep the customers engaged, but it can also convert them to loyal customers. For better site navigation, you can mention the most important things on the top menu and make sure this menu appears on every web page.

        5. Call to Action Button

        Call to action button is an essential component for any website. It is the only medium of interaction between you and your visitors. Many Digital Agencies in Atlanta have a call to action button on their website. A call to action button can be a phone number, an email, or a chat application on your webpage. According to research, most people even bypass the site navigation if the website has a chat option, which can lift signups by 30%. You need to make sure that the call to action button is inviting enough to attract your visitors when they visit your website.

        These five tips will help you create a web design that can convert visitors to loyal customers. So, talk to your website designers to implement these changes on your website. However, if you don’t have a website designer, then you can hire the Best Website Designers in Atlanta to fulfill your needs.

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